Donation Questions & Support

For help with your payment transactions, please email:


There are two ways to make a donation to Power of 5
  1. Make a one-time donation or
  2. Donate Monthly


Approximately seven days before your monthly donation happens you may receive an email reminding you of the upcoming event. You do not have to do anything. This is simply a courtesy reminder.
If you have questions about your monthly donation, please email:


Donation receipts will be fromĀ Opportunity International Inc, as they serve as fiduciary of all donations and works directly with partners on the ground that are serving children.


If your payment for a donation or race registration failed, you may receive an email alerting you to the failure.
The most common reason for a payment failure is that the banking institution that issued the card has denied the transaction for their own security purposes.
Unfortunately, there is nothing that the Power of 5 team can do to fix this. You will have to call your financial institution to inquire why they denied the transaction and what can be done.
If you have questions about your transaction, please email:


Approximately one month before your card on file expires, we may send you an email notification. Please contact the Power of 5 team for assistance in renewing your card information.
To contact the Power of 5 team, please email: